The secret to Hijabs that stay put all day long - Najwa Inners

Any dedicated hijabi will tell you the same thing - loose flyaway baby hairs make our lives a living hell! Having to constantly tuck them back in only for them to somehow sneakily find their way out again. Well, say goodbye to your baby hair problems because we have a secret, and it۪s called Najwa inner! Just like how a building cannot stand without a solid foundation, or makeup won۪t last without a smooth base, our secret to hijabs that stay in place from dawn to dusk are our inners. Depending on your hijab material, hijab style, and lifestyle, we have the perfect inners to suit your need!

For the practical comfort girl - Najwa Petite

Najwa petiteSoft awning inner with attached loose neck cover. Perfect for neck airy coverage for less opaque hijabs. If you۪re the type that want full neck coverage but hates feeling constricted, Najwa petite is for you. The loose neck cover allows air to flow and keeps you cool, while still providing full coverage. This one is like a mini hijab!

For the stylish fashionista - Najwa Bonnet

Najwa bonnetFeatures a close-fitting soft awning with adjustable tie-back neck cover. Comes with earphone slits. An inner with a close fitting neck is a staple with fashion savvy hijabis, for the fact that they offer full hair and neck coverage for styles which are loose and adventurous. By wearing Najwa Bonnet, you can style your hijab with confidence. The close fitting neck also means itseasier to pin the hijab to the nape if your style requires it.

For the no-nonsense daily wear - Najwa Softcap

Najwa softcapOur snug softcap inner features a reinforced front band to ensure a perfect fit. Comes with earphone slits For daily wear nothing beats the simplicity of our softcaps. Snug and lightweight, they feature a reinforced front band for better grip and a perfect fit.

For flexibility and volume - Najwa Necktie

Nakwa neck-tieSimilar to the softcap inner but with one elasticised open end, finished with tie-backs for a more adjustable fit. If you have voluminous hair that won۪t fit into our softcaps, or if you just prefer something more flexible, Najwa necktie is the inner for you.

For full coverage - Najwa Midi

Najwa midiSnug soft awning inner featuring a neck cover with elasticised strip at the back of the neck. Comes with earphone slits. If you want a close fitting neck but dont want to have to tie it up, or don۪t prefer the open back like najwa bonnet, Najwa Midi is for you
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