Workwear Edition - TPStyle File

Going through the daily grind of work day in and day out, and can't think of what to wear anymore? Let us help you! In this edition of #TPStyleFile, we bring you hijabi workwear ideas with a difference. From cute and frilly to corporate and sleek, our style kitty gives you inspiration for any kind of day at the office! Nisa Savvy Square Hijab - Tudungpeople workwear stylefile You've landed the job interview, so it's time to make a great first impression! Office wear doesn't have to be boring - we paired Nisa in Savvy with a feminine blouse and neutral slacks for a clean, fresh workwear look. Add on some accessories and a structured handbag to show you mean business! Nisa Muddy square hijab - Tudungpeople workwear stylefile Congratulations! You rocked the interview and got the job! Brush away those first at work day jitters with a comfy and versatile white top and loose slacks for a business casual workwear look. Bring your fav notebook to keep track of everything important like office phone numbers and work details. Oh, and don't forget to tie the whole look together with Nisa Square Hijab in Muddy! Nisa Cheeky square hijab - Tudungpeople workwear stylefile When it's casual Friday at the office but you've got a creative brainstorming meeting session and need to get those juices flowing! Nisa in Cheeky paired with a loose boho top and flare sleeved blazer will do the trick! The bright and cheerful colour adds a pop of fun into your workwear ensemble. Happy working, kitties! Nisa Earthy square hijab - Tudungpeople workwear stylefile Your boss has entrusted a big corporate client to you, so what better time to dress to impress? A monochrome power suit paired with subtle touches of softness with Nisa in Earthy sends all the right messages. Time to seal that business deal! Got your workwear down but wondering how to style your Nisa square? Check out our Square hijab style tutorials here!
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