TP Travel: 7 essential packing tips for the savvy traveler


Your boss has approved your leave, you've booked the plane tickets, scored the perfect Airbnb, and found a great tour package. Now there's nothing standing in the way of you and that long-awaited holiday! Well, except for one thing: PACKING. Love it or absolutely hate it, this activity is bound to put a bit of stress into your trip. To simplify the process and reduce your headache, here are our top 7 tips on how to pack, so you can get it out of the way and get back to focusing on having fun as soon as possible!


Make a packing list

Making a packing list is the first step to wrangling the packing headache. Our favorite trick is to mentally run through a typical day, making note of all the things you typically use. Once you have a rough list, separate it into categories (essentials, clothes, electronics, etc) so you can keep track of what you still need to buy/pack. Alternatively, you can download packing lists online and tailor them to your preference and travel style

Packing list

Plan your outfits

Planning your outfits according to the activities/places you'll be doing each day makes it easier to see where you can mix and match. It also shows you what you're bringing too much of and what you are missing (more inners is always on our list!). Make sure you check the weather forecast at the place you're going so you don't get caught in a cold spell with no thick clothes, or in a warm break with winter clothes on!

Planning your outfits


By packing in compartments such as packing cubes or hijab travel bags, you can sort your items so they are easier to find and keep track of. You can choose to pack by day, or if you are mixing and matching outfits between days, you can pack by type, for example, bottoms, tops, scarves, undies, and pajamas. Compartmentalising also keeps your bag tidy even after a few days on the roads, as everything has its dedicated space and they are not all jumbled up in your big suitcase. Whether you choose to roll your items or fold them, compartmentalizing also saves space as you can really cram everything in!

Downsize your toiletries

Not only are large bottles heavy and bulky, but there's also a higher risk of them being stopped at airport security or even spilling during flights. Buy travel-sized toiletries or travel bottles that you can refill. To minimize the risk of spilling, wrap the tops of the bottles with cling film.

Get a sturdy lightweight bag, and personalize

Airlines are getting more and more strict about luggage allowances, especially budget airlines. Getting a lightweight suitcase can save you the kgs, giving you more space to pack essentials. Personalize your luggage with fun stickers, tags, or labels so it stands out and doesn't accidentally get picked up by the wrong person at the luggage belt.

lightweight luggage personalised

Bring a foldable duffle bag

A lightweight foldable duffle bag is a lifesaver for so many reasons. You can use it to pack your dirty laundry on the trip home, or, if you're the shopping type, you can free up space in your main luggage for the many souvenirs and treasures you collected along your travels. Just make sure it's sturdy! Duffle bags with slots at the back allow you to slide the bag and secure it on top of your trolley luggage, so it is easy to carry around.

Foldable duffel bag

Bring a pen

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting in a long line before customs to fill out forms when there are only a few pens available and so many passengers waiting too! Bring a cheap black or blue ballpoint pen so you can fill out forms in flight or at the counter and skip the crowd.

What are your favorite packing hacks? Let us know in the comments below! You could win yourself a brand new TP Hijab travel bag absolutely free! (Terms & conditions apply) TudungPeople Hijab Travel Bag launches 30th January 2018, 12 noon online and in store

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