Tourist in my own city

Tourist in my own city
For all it۪s shortcomings, I don۪t think i could ever call anywhere else home۝. The warmth of it۪s people (and weather, lol!) the glorious food, the beautiful nature, and the modern amenities are just some of the things that make me love Malaysia. I can۪t even travel far without bringing some of it with me (hello Brahims!) This year, I wanted to pay tribute to my beloved homeland, and after a few drafts, the clear winner that instantly brought Malaysia to mind was our national flower, the Hibiscus.Our limited edition Hibiscus series captures the vibrance and drama of our beloved national flower. Did you know that there are over 200 types of hibiscus? The exact species of our national flower is the hibiscus rosa sinensis, which blooms all year round. Roselle juice also comes from hibiscus plants, and apparently helps reduce blood pressure. The hibiscus flower is also edible, and has a tangy, citrusy taste. I۪m allergic to eating plants though, so ifyou۪ve tried it, let me know! In the meantime, let me bring you on a small tour of some of Kuala Lumpur's beautiful landmarks. Ready? Let's go!
TudungPeople Limited Edition Hibiscus in Pasir Mas Standing right in the middle of the old City Hall building (now Panggung Bandaraya) designed by a colonial government architect! Being an architecture student, I always love exploring the different architecture heritage in Malaysia
LE-hibiscus-ipoh Each corner in Merdeka Square is like a hidden gem, full of character and historical moment. I can easily envision men wearing Baju Melayu in various colours and the women wearing a white blouse, Batik sarong and a shawl on their shoulders, standing proudly. For many of us, Sultan Abdul Samad building is just a beautiful colonial building, but for the older generation, this is the place where we Malaysian started to understand the meaning of freedom, for the very first time. _
Tudungpeople Limited Edition hibiscus in Cherating Every corner and walkway in Merdeka Square holds a different story and purpose. I'm glad that I able to take my LE Hibiscus strolling around this significant place and reminiscing the good of our country
Tudungpeople Limited edition hibiscus in Cherating Donning LE Hibiscus Cherating with full of pride, I feel extremely blessed to be born and brought up in this land we call home. Ahh nothing can describe my warmth and love towards LE Hibiscus, the signature piece that should always remind us of home wherever we go _
Tudungpeople Limited Edition Hibiscus in Georgetown Found this oBike whilst strolling in the park, ahh I wish I can cycle but too bad I'm wearing heels! (white stiletto,you must be kidding me lol!) ?
Limited edition Hibiscus Langkawi at Taman Botani Perdana I also found that my new discoveries led me back to old favourites and the places I visited as a child that I never found time to revisit. Just look at that happy smile riding the shuttle tram! The last time I hopped in was ages ago, with my mom. ?
Tudungpeople Limited Edition hibiscus in Georgetown Nothing quite like the serene and tranquility feel when strolling in the park surrounded with fresh lush green..These days I try to explore more prints to incorporate in my personal style but I keep coming back to chic & modern pastel blue just like this LE Hibiscus in Georgetown. Definitely the only legit blues in my life ?
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