Of Lace and Sequins - A bridal hijab story

For a lot of bride-to-be۪s the perfect bridal hijab becomes something of an afterthought. After all, there's just so many other things that take up our attention - the wedding dress, the decor, the venue, the cake, photographer, shoes, you name it! But choosing the right hijab for your big day should be as big a part as any, it۪s what will frame our glowing face on that special day, and will almost definitely be in any photos of the beautiful bride! An evergreen style in any wedding is delicate lace and intricate embroidery work. Whether you have your dress custom made or are renting it from a bridal parlour, we think Inara bridal would suit modern and traditional brides alike. TUDUNGPEOPLE INARA BRIDAL HIJABTUDUNGPEOPLE INARA BRIDAL HIJABTUDUNGPEOPLE INARA BRIDAL HIJABTUDUNGPEOPLE INARA BRIDAL HIJAB Featured Products: Inara Bridal Hijab, available now Check out our compilation of 11bridal hijab tutorials you need to try here!
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