Ironless Materials 101

Ironless hijab materials 101
When you۪re pressed for time and need to get out the door in a flash, there۪s nothing more time-saving than not having to iron your hijabs. Just grab them off the hanger, out of the drawer, or even right out of the laundry! Here۪s the lowdown on our top ironless materials.

Cotton Lycra

Known also as spandex knit, jersey, or just lycra, this fabric comes in as many grades as it does names. From heavy sweatshirt-like materials to lightweight and cooling fabrics (think your fav underwear, lol!) For hijabs, a medium lightweight lycra with a little bit of stretch is what we found to be the best choice. Iron-free and drape-heavy but not too clingy, this fabric will have you feeling cool and covered all day long.
Safaa Cotton Lycra Safaa Cotton Lycra
Najwa Cotton Lycra Inner Najwa Cotton Lycra Inner
Najwa Cotton Lycra Inner Najwa Cotton Lycra Inner

Moss crepe

A relatively new fabric, moss crepe has blazed it۪s trail through the muslimah fashion world. Similar to cotton lycra in that it has slight stretch, the difference with moss crepe is it۪s texture, which has a rough profile. This allows the fabric to be wrinkle-free while at the same time having a bit more structure compared to cotton lycra.
Afya Moss Crepe Instant Afya Moss Crepe Instant
Afya Moss Crepe Instant Afya Moss Crepe Instant

Textured chiffon

Although not technically 100% iron-free, textured chiffon can pass off as extremely low maintenance with minimal ironing needed. The subtle texture niftily disguises fine wrinkles as part and parcel of the material itself, and tricks the eye by blending creases into folds and drapes. Optical illusions for the win!
Muna Textured chiffon Muna Textured chiffon

Polymix crepe

Polyester mixes gets a bad reputation, mostly due to memories of cheap plasticky 70۪s clothing. But modern technology has made it into a surprisingly soft and comfortable synthetic fabric. Plus point is that it۪s relatively affordable and quite wrinkle-resistant!
FDJ Tresor (Cotton crepe)
With materials technology and the fashion industry growing at an increasingly rapid pace, you can bet that more and more fuss-free fabrics will make their way into the market to cater to the increasingly faster pace of life. And you can bet TudungPeople will be there trying them all out!
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