Finding beauty in the unexpected - Part 1

On my way to uni every morning I۪d pass a small patch of land. I think most people wouldn۪t even notice it, but in my short 15-minute drive I thought it was the most beautiful thing. This unassuming patch of grass, wedged between a flyover exit and a merging road, was filled with the most beautiful vibrant wildflowers; and in the mornings they would be sparkling with dew as the glorious sunlight peeked over the trees. It was love at first sight! I looked forward to seeing my little meadow۪ every day. Driving UIA Widlflowers I recently revisited my uni and on the drive there, was so saddened to find that my glorious meadow۪ had been cleared. Now it really was just a boring patch of grass! There۪s just something about the untamed beauty of wildflowers. Imagining yourself running through colourful meadows and gathering rustic bouquets. The flowers themselves might not be spectacular, nothing like the drama of peonies or luscious roses, but as a whole they bring beauty into the most unexpected places. I wanted to capture that wonderful carefree beauty, and that is how LE Bohemian began.
Finding inspiration I couldn۪t quite define why I was so drawn to the beauty of vibrant wild flowers. The unconventional grace of the little meadow keeps playing in mind. From that moment, I knew it was just not a patch of grass that I had to pass by. It inspire me to start exploring the beauty of the untamed flowers
Tudungpeople design meeting Design has always been one of my first loves. Seeing an idea materialize, from conceptual sketch, to the whole design process, to physical reality. There's nothing quite like it! And when people around you love the design as much as you do, all the hard work really feels worth it

Making new memories

I visited Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden back in the cold winter. It was originally a classical garden back in 15th Century. Some of the trees were more than 400 years old! There's something different about seeing trees and flowers in winter. It was supercold, the blooms wereminimal but it was utterly peaceful. The place is filled with the colours of cool tone. with the plants in the least colours but just as beautiful. These were the elements that made up this upcoming design. Cool colours, minimal and elegant wild flowers. Due to popular request, we made a limited reprint of the 4 best-selling colours of LE Bohemian, but this time borderless. Coming back to these designs after a few months my heart just fell in love again, and I was reminded of the journey that inspired this series. And suddenly I felt like the story was still not over - that there was still something I wanted to share with everyone. Stay tuned for part 2!
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