6 reasons why we love Maysaa Satinsilk

6 reasons why we love Maysaa Satinsilk
Every girl needs a satinsilk shawl in their collection - there۪s no surprise why Maysaa one of our all-time best sellers year in and year out! Here are our top 6 reasons why we LOVE our Maysaa satinsilk collection - we think you۪ll agree!

1. The lustrous sheen

There۪s nothing quite like the demi-sheen of satinsilk. Not blindingly shiny so you don۪t feel like a walking disco ball, but just the right amount of lustre to give you that day-to-night luxe elegance. Maysaa closeup

2. Matte non-slippery back

We۪ve all been there - trying to put on a hijab that seems like it۪s coated in Teflon, the things just keep sliding off our heads no matter how many pics we wear! Well, not anymore. Maysaa۪s superior material has a matte reverse side meaning it will grip to your inners

3. Over 40 colours available

When you need that EXACT shade of pinky nude, any other shade just won۪t do! That۪s why we۪ve made it our mission to bring you over 40 shades of Maysaa. Don۪t say we didn۪t warn you though - you۪ll probably want to get them all!

4. So many ways to style it!

Maysaa comes in 2 sizes, M (2m x 55cm) and L (2m x 65cm) and is cut in our regular rectangle shape, giving you plenty of styling options, whether it۪s for a work meeting or a formal dinner, a wedding or a graduation. Check out our tutorials here!
ways to style Drape it loose or Wrap it tight. Maysaa in Thistle (L) and Rosegold (R)

5. Affordable luxury

With all these great point about Maysaa, you۪d be forgiven for thinking it۪s a premium price point item. But can you believe it? Maysaa has always been one of our most affordable collections! No excuse not to get your Maysaa haul on~
Maysaa Styled Casual or dressed up, Maysaa has you covered! Maysaa in Frost (L) and Sterling (R)


If there۪s one thing we have to highlight about Maysaa is how incredibly awesome the material is. Most satinsilks in the market are thick and cause temporary hearing loss (we۪re not kidding!) when worn, especially in layers. But Maysaa is thin and light, with just the right balance of drape and structure. It۪s our absolute fav <3
Maysaa satinsilk yellow Maysaa Satinsilk in shades of Yellow - Ivory (L) and Pooh (R)
So what do you think? Team Maysaa forever? We۪d say a big YASSSS! Maysaa is available online and in boutiques now
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