5 Awesome fitness femmes you need to follow

5 Awesome fitness femmes you need to follow
Looking for fitness inspiration to kickstart your healthy journey? Look no further! Here are 5 fitness femmes you need to follow to get your head in the game.

Hafiza Othman -Thriathlete/Ironman

Nursya Jusoh - Ironman

Nabilasam - Ironman/#adidasRunnersKL

Qhouirunnisa - Freestyle Dribbler

Ain Ramli - Fitness Trainer

Subject: MARIE CLAIRE AMAZING WOMAN 2018 - Ain Ramli . Overjoyed. Overwhelmed. Over-ecstatic. I felt upon receiving this email from Marie Claire, 2 months ago. I sat down, frozen, in an awe, still rubbing my eyes, and forwarded the email to my manager. Like is it what it is? . "STRENGTH" was chosen as the theme for this year's event, a resemblance of power of will, preserverance of determination and compassion that us woman shared in general . Selected as one among the other 10 other fantastic women, I regard this as one of my greatest achievement thus far. A small lamb among giants in their respective industries, I can only thank god for this ultimate gift. . Have a read on my interview, that should says it all. I dedicate this award to all of us, amazing women of Malaysia to keep our chin up high and keep on combating our fights and rights. . We are all strong and beautiful in our own way cause god made no mistakes, said Gaga is relevant and that reminds me to always be myself, love myself cause how else can anyone love you if you don't love yourself first! . I guess I talked to much! Besties/Friends (you know who you are ) and families, trainers and trainees, this award is for you!! Mama & babah - terima kasih sebab didik Fatin (syhhhh my manja name at home, so not _), Fatin sayang ma bah dunia akhirat _ . But...shoutout to my @ariaputerakamal, thank you pek for everything, special dedication to our journey together, your journey to be a better you! This is for you _ٴ, through thick and thin _ . P/S: You guys can check the whole article on the link at bio above, i cant even recognize myself in this pic! _ . _٤: @bally _: @bally __: @debeersofficial . #marieclaireamazing

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