4 Reasons why we love hijab travel bags

Packing is one of the most tedious and annoying things about travel, but we have a secret that could not only make it easier, but *gasp* might just make it enjoyable! Introducing our brand new Hijab travel Bag! If you۪re new to the whole packing cube phenomenon, it۪s a total game changer and we۪re not even kidding. Here are our top 4 reasons why we LOVE our hijab travel bag

Keeps things organised

Packing cubes help keep things organised by keeping similar items together, in this case, hijabs. Having a dedicated travel hijab bag means you can immediately see you hijabs in your big luggage. Additionally, it makes packing and repacking easier. You don۪t have to rummage around in your suitcase to find that one inner, instead, just pull out your hijab bag and voila, everything at the tip of your fingertips. hijab bag flatlay

Minimises Wrinkles

Although its unavoidable to have a few fold lines even if you roll or fold your hijabs, having them contained within a hijab bag and packed tightly together means wrinkles are minimised as your precious hijabs don۪t move around even if your suitcase is thrown about during travels.

Hijab travel bag organiserMaximise space

Hijab bags keep your hijabs compressed, meaning you can fit more into your suitcase. Also, due to the rectangular shape of the hijab bag, they are easy to stack and arrange in block-like grids inside your luggage, making sure every inch of space is fully utilised. hijab travel bag packing

Storage solution

Despite being designed specifically for our hijabs, you can also use the hijab bag as an alternative storage solution. Keep your cosmetics on hand or use it to store your electronics while traveling, such as cables, chargers, and batteries. The small compartments make it perfect for this! Additionally, once your travels are over, you can use the hijab bag to store all your travel related items such as passports, travel adaptors, neck pillows etc, so you know all your travel essentials are in one place! Our Hijab Travel bag is available online and in store now!
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