Which Najwa Sport should I wear?

Which Najwa Sport should I wear?

All geared up for your active day but not sure which Najwa sport is best for you? Fret not because we have the answer!

For the performance chaser - Najwa Sports Hijab/Lite

If you۪re an athlete or someone who enjoys more rigorous activities, you need something that will fit snugly and not move around. Of course, it needs to be breathable and lightweight too! Najwa sports Hijab is perfect if you like something more close fitting, or if you need to tuck in your hijab into your top, we think Najwa lLite it the perfect one for you! The front is adjustable so you can tie it back, pin it up, or tuck it in.

Najwa Sports Hijab

Close fitting instant hijab for more rigorous activities, or when you need to tuck the hijab into your outfit.
  • Shorter back for better ventilation. Longer curve cut front for coverage.
  • Anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-odour, hypoallergenic fabric for optimum comfort.
  • Reflective trim on front and back for low-light activities.
  • Slits at ears for earphones or sunglasses.
  • Mini awning to allow air circulation around your forehead.
Best for: running, cycling, athletics

Najwa Sports Lite

Inspired by traditional square hijabs (bawal) we created Najwa Lite to cater for those who love wearing bawal۪ or traditional square hijabs for their workouts or activities.
  • Semi-instant hijab
  • comes with a pre-sewn portion under the neck, while the ends are lift loose so you can style it according to your preference.
  • Anti-bacterial fabric with antimicrobial, anti-odour, hypoallergenic Chitosan fibres for optimum comfort.
Best for: Martial Arts, Badminton/tennis, basketball/netball

For casual activities - Najwa Sports Shawl /Basic

If you're just out for a stroll in the park, a run around the playground with your kids, or a low intensity workout session like yoga or pilates, our simple Najwa sports shawl or Najwa sports basic has you covered!

Najwa sports Shawl:

Long rectangular hijab finished on both ends with our hot fix logo. Perfect for casual exercise and customisable coverage.

Najwa Sports Basic

Loose instant hijab for casual recreational activities .
  • Soft awning for sun protection and ventilation
  • Diamond mesh allows quick heat and moisture dispersion and dries quickly
  • Curved cutting for a casual fit
  • Made of quick drying performance mesh jersey, which is lightweight and breathable
Best for: yoga, pilates, gym, camping, jogging

For the water works - Najwa Sports Flow

Tired of having your hijab flip up in your face while swimming? Or hate the feeling of being weighed down and having fabric in the way of your mermaid dreams? Our Najwa Flow was specially designed for swimming Designed for the most rigorous activities with full body motion such as swimming, cycling, or even climbing. Instant hijab with attached loose vest. Racerback design allows for full arm movement. Loose vest covers the chest for modesty. Thicker Polyester Spandex material that is pool-approved and does not stick to the body. Inner grip around the back of the head to keep the hijab securely in place.Comes in 4 sizes to suit different body types
Best for: swimming, cycling, climbing

For the comfort and practicality - Najwa Sports Inner

Of you just want to keep your hair out of your face, our Najwa sorts inner is perfect! Made of the same quick drying and moisture wicking material, you can say goodbye to stuffy hot heads during your workout Sports Inner designed with a longer cut so you can tuck it in or wear it open. Can be used on its own as a bandana or as an inner for any shawl/hijab. Made of quick drying performance mesh jersey, this lightweight and breathable collection keeps you comfortable rain or shine. If you're still unsure, how about using this handy flowchart to see which Najwa suits your activity best!

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