10 years with TudungPeople

“A journey of realising dreams”

The spark that set the dream alive.

“ My dream was to make hijabs that were not just comfortable, but comes in sizes to cater to different body types and personal preferences too. I believe every woman deserves to have the right comfort. 

Hijab is not an easy journey, but I hope our hijabs can give women confidence and encouragement to keep on striving..” 

Made For All.

With the dream of making right and comfortable hijab for every woman, TudungPeople has swiftly grown around the globe with collections that span over 50 different designs.

From comfortable lightweight active hijabs to ironless shawls and exquisite prints, we have something for everyone, everywhere.


Our mission is to create comfortable hijab that gives joy to modern women in everyday life without compromising aurah/coverage - “Because regardless of you lifestyle, hijab does not change you, it follows you”

Fazrena Aziz

Boss Kitty

We aim by 2030, we will minimise the use of plastic packaging and incorporate more recycled and sustainable materials throughout our brand; from hijab to packaging.

Farra Mahusin

Brands Manager

TudungPeople 10 years Journey

2011 : From an attic.

“I wish I could find a hijab that covers me comfortably” - Starting with packing orders from her parent’s cramped attic, the idea of TudungPeople began from her Uni days where Fazrena felt challenged in finding a comfortable hijab. Either the material was too hot, or the cutting was too short. This was the moment that inspired her to create comfort in modesty.

2017 : Around the globe

From Southeast Asia to the Middle East, North America and Europe, TudungPeople has grown from its humble roots to become one of the leading modest brands that celebrates women from all walks of life.

2021 : Of Nano technology hijab & sustainability

At TudungPeople, we spend years creating beautiful, functional hijabs that evolve beyond trends. We designed a sports hijab that is cooling, anti-odour and quick-drying - perfect for your active days.

TudungPeople also debuted our first hijab collection made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. We have integrated more eco-friendly approaches & sustainable materials into our packaging.

A letter from Boss Kitty.

Alhamdulillah, 10 years feels like it flew by in a blink, and yet the journey feels long as well. From my parents' cramped attic in Penang to a brand new 8000 sq ft HQ in KL, TudungPeople bloomed through the endless support of our family, friends, and most importantly, YOU.

Thank YOU for sticking with us. For believing in us. For letting us learn and grow into who we are right now. Without your support, TudungPople would never have made it this far.

So here’s to our first 10 years, and to many more to come .

Fazrena Aziz

Founder of TudungPeople

A celebration of our 10th year Anniversary.

Inspired by the intricate designs adorning the women of Malayan history and lore, we translated the ‘cucuk sanggul’ elements into these lush designs. Our hijab is our crown - and we are all warriors for wearing it.

Our 10th Anniversary Collections

You Can Enjoy The Feeling All Day and Into the Night.



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