New Year Hijrah - How to make your Hijab journey long-lasting and fulfilling

New Years is a time of rebirth and a lot of sisters out there are taking their first hijrah steps towards hijab. It۪s a big step and first of all, we applaud and congratulate you on your courage and determination! May Allah continue to guide you and keep you steadfast, ameen! Making a change in your appearance as an outward manifestation of a change in your heart is a scary step. Here are some tips on how to make your journey fulfilling and long-lasting, inshaAllah.

Set realistic goals and action plans

When first starting out, it۪s easy to get carried away with big ideas and dreams. There۪s nothing wrong with that, but it helps to keep things realistic in order for you to really succeed in achieving your goals. An example of this is: I want to start wearing hijab this Ramadhan, and be comfortable with myself by eid. By setting up a timeframe and visualising your goals, you can take the necessary steps to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually.

Know your reasons

Reasons and motivations are personal things and differ from person to person. But what is important is that your heart is in the right place and you know that you are changing or doing something for the right reasons. Sit down and really dig deep. Are you putting on Hijab to please your parents? To impress a friend? While these reasons are perfectly fine to start out with, really look into your heart and ask yourself who it is you really want to attain favour with. Pray for guidance and clarity and remind yourself of your niyyah regularly.

Take small steps

For some people, drastic changes work and stick. But for the majority of us, change is hard.Start with small steps. Get yourself comfortable with wearing longer, looser clothes, and make small trips outside to familiarise yourself with the feeling of wearing a HIjab in your day to day life.

Set up a supportive environment

Even the strongest of us will have moments of weakness, doubt, and lows. It۪s important that you design your surroundings to be supportive. Remove all temptations to go back to your old lifestyle. Find support groups online and identify friends and family members who accept your change and encourage you.

Be patient and persevere

Above all, wearing the hijab requires patience and perseverance. You might not feel the rush of iman you were hoping for, or you might be intimidated by societal pressures around you. But it۪s important to put your trust in Allah and persevere. Allah will never test a person with more than what they can handle. Believe in your own strength and believe in the rewards promised. Most importantly, always look to improve yourself. Here are a selection of advice from our very own #TPkitties @nur.azaniah
Wear it moderately and as comfy (sesempoi) as you like it...that's me when first berhijabi???
"Best advice I've received: to enter paradise, we have to dress and act like the people of paradise. :)"
"Never been a new hijabi so I applaud anyone taking or thinking of taking that step! Just know you have a whole bunch of sisters supporting you all over the world"
"wear it because you want to wear it, and wear it because of Allah.. #babysteps #willdojustfine"
Share your top tips/advice for new hijabis in the comments below!

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