NAJWA SPORT Collection

Made of quick drying performance mesh jersey, this lightweight and breathable collection keeps you comfortable
rain or shine. Get moving and stay active with our new and improved line of sports hijabs. Each Najwa Sport Hijab comes in a handy pouch for easy storing.

Najwa Sports Hijab

Close fitting instant hijab for more rigorous activities, or when you need to tuck the hijab into your outfit. 
  • Longer curve cut front for coverage and shorter back for better ventilation.
  • Sporty cut for better fit.
  • Anti-bacterial fabric with antimicrobial, anti-odour, hypoallergenic Chitosan fibres for optimum comfort.
  • Reflective trim on front and back for low-light activities. 
  • Slits at ears for earphones or sunglasses. 
  • Mini awning to allow air circulation around your forehead.


Face Opening : ~ 9 inch
Front Drape    : ~ 16 inch


Care instructions:

Hand wash recommended. Do not soak. Iron on low heat.

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