Imagine a place so beautiful that it eclipses anything you’ve ever seen. A vision so lush and vibrant, so calming and invigorating. Somewhere we all dream to be, a state of perfect happiness. Welcome to Eden, our impression of heaven on earth. This is TudungPeople's Limited Edition Eden series for Eid 2018.

Printed on soft smooth satin silk and finished with our signature baby hem and LE Rose Gold metal plate, the Limited Edition Eden series features exotic floral prints exclusive to TudungPeople.

This collection is a limited PRE-ORDER. Estimated Time of Delivery will be between 1st-7th May 2018. All deliveries will be informed by email.

#TPLimited Edition

  • All designs are custom made and originally illustrated by an artist solely for TudungPeople.
  • All scarves will come in a matching individual hardbox
  • There will no fabric label but instead it comes in rosegold metal plate label handsewn to one corner


  • Material: Soft Washable Satin Silk
  • Measurements: 2.0m x 0.65m
  • Finishing: Baby Hem
  • Disclaimer: Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem and  scarves may not be perfectly rectangular.

Wash & Care

Hand wash only, do not soak.

Opacity Level: 5

Level 1 is totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck,
Level 2 is see-through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on the colour
Level 3 is semi see through that needs double layer to cover the neck
Level 4 is almost opaque and does not need double layer to cover the neck
Level 5 is totally opaque

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angle. The colours are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each computer settings.

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